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I'll admit it--I'm a mad Harry Potter fan. I adore the books, but I also love reading the related fanfiction. I especially like slash fics and Remus/Sirius is my favorite pairing. Severus Snape is also one of my favourite characters in the books because I adore tall, dark and sarcastic men. I'd snog the man senseless, given half the chance.

I own Basenjis, a breed of barkless African hunting hound, and was involved with dog showing for many years although I'm not showing any dogs at the moment. Currently, I have three retired show dogs who are more than content to enjoy the good life of Official Bed Warmers, Ear Washers and Couch Potatoes, and one Scottish Deerhound puppy who may or may not be shown. All three basenjis are champions; one is my black/white bitch Special from a number of years ago and two that I finished from the Bred By Exhibitor classes.

Much time is also spent volunteering with Minnesota AIDS Project, an organisation very dear to me. I've made some of my very closest friends through my work there, and it's always incredibly humbling to see the grace and dignity that they show as they live with HIV/AIDS.

I also love to travel and have been to the Caribbean many times. I've spent time in London and others parts of England as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland, and never wanted to return to the States--if I could have handed in my passport and applied for British citizenship, I would have. I loved it there, and London is one of the most vibrant cities I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. I've been to Venice, France (Paris and the Aquitaine/Dordogne region), and also down the coast of Croatia. My favorite city here in the US, though, is New Orleans, and I feel like I have lived there before, maybe in another life? Weird, I know, but it seems like *home* to me. I also absolutely adore New York City beyond measure.

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